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AM02020 Unemployment by sex, age, region and month (1995-2024)

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Maria Heen
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Statistics Faroe Islands:
Now you have come to the page, Choose variable. This page give you the oportunity to select which variables and values you want to display in your result of the table. A variable is a property of a statistical unit. The page is divided into several boxes, one for each variable, where you can select values by click to highlight one or more values. It always starts with the statistics variable which is the main value counted in the table.

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Field for searching for a specific value in the list box. This is examples of values you can search for.1995 , 1996 , 1997 ,

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Number of selected data cells are:
(maximum number allowed is 8,000,000)

Presentation on screen is limited to 10,000 rows and 300 columns

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Symbols: -  Nil (exactly zero)
0  Rounded to zero
 •  Not applicable
 ••  Not available or too uncertain
 ••• Not disclosed, confidentiality/privacy protected

The unemployment figures are based on administration registers of Unemployment Insurance and Social Security
In Nov. 2005 and Dec. 2015 data breaks occur due to a changes in estimation method


Affected by unemployment

Number of persons unemployed at least one day that month. Before Dec. 2015 this was calculates as average of registered persons.

Full time unemployed

Unemployment calculated as full time equivalents, as some persons are not unemployed the complete periode

Unemployment rate

Not seasonally adjusted


Streymoyar region

As of Dec 2015 replaced við N-Streymoy and S-Streymoy

Suðurstreymoyar region

Includes Hestur, Koltur and Nólsoy

Vága region

Includes Mykines

Sandoyar region

Includes Skúgvoy and Stóra Dímun