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PF01030 Faroese and Danish banks and mortgage banks: Deposits from and loans to Faroese units by institutional sector and original maturity (2013M09-2023M01)

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Gilli Wardum
DKK mill.
Landsbanki Føroya & Centralbank of Denmark
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Description of data-set
Dimensions in this data-set are: time, original maturity, instrument, sector and MFI-group.
In the dimension 'MFI-group' you will find the monetary financial institutions (MFIs) by their country of domicile. The population consists of Faroese and Danish MFIs. Faroese MFIs are banks and their subsidiaries and branches abroad. Danish MFIs relevant to this data-set are mainly danish banks and mortgage institutions.
All instruments except deposits and loans have been excluded.
The dimension 'Sector' has been structured by a 3-level hierarchy: The top level includes all sectors. The medium level shows institutional main sectors: '1. Non-financial corporations', '2. Financial corporations', '3. General government' and '4. Housholds and non-profit institutions serving housholds (NPISH)'. The third level shows a grouping of sub-sectors.
Loans from one MFI to another are excluded from this cube. The same goes for deposits.
Outstanding amounts are shown in DKK millions by end of month.
Same figures shown in the tool 'Tableau':